About Us

Moneyline Investments is the premier sports investing service. We have found the solution to the desire for passive income for those who may be starting with as little as one hundred dollars to those who can start investing thousands. Our formula for selecting wagers that return your investment is consistent and documented.

We aim to obtain a 70 percent percentage each month

It has been established that if you convert 53 percent of your wagers you will be a profitable investor. With our 70 percent conversion, you will be highly successful in investing.

Realize Gains the Same Day

While stocks, mutual funds and cryptocurrency have a place in our portfolio, one drawback is the amount of time it takes to realize gains. With our investments you will profit the same day and can withdraw it into your account.

Free up your time

After your first month with us, you will likely be able to let go of your second job, invest more in your education, find it easier to pay for a trip or just add it to your savings.


Yes, anyone can claim to be profitable. But we will show it, on the 5th of every month we will put up our previous month’s wagers. Every single wager, the day it was placed, and the result. And you can see how much you would have profited had you been with us that month.